Creating a Sustainable World


What is PrairieFood?

PrairieFood is an organic superfood that feeds soil microbes - the very foundation for what healthy crops need to grow. PrairieFood’s award-winning, technologically advanced process is different from any other technologies used in biomass transformation or manure management.

PrairieFood is an organic matter, deconstructed to the molecular level, and reconstructed to optimize microbe growth. PrairieFood reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers, and significantly reduces methane gases in the environment. When you apply PrairieFood to the soil, you are organically feeding the microbes that then feed the soil.

PrairieFood will revolutionize the farming and feedlot industries, and bring sustainability to agriculture that the world has never seen before. PrairieFood technology allows us to minimize the environmental hit our planet Earth is taking and delivers a perfectly sustainable solution for the agricultural industry.


How PrairieFood expects to impact the world:

01. Sustainable Farming

  • Meet OMRI organic certified requirements

  • Ready for immediate use

  • Replace synthetic fertilizers

  • Higher crop yields

  • No over application

  • Significantly increases in carbon availability

  • Doesn't leach, run-off, or volatilize

02. Biomass transformation

  • Significantly reduce methane gasses

  • Proprietary innovative process

  • Sterile: no weed seeds or pathogens

  • Binds nutrients within PrairieFood

  • An onsite continuous flow processing

04. Viable economics

  • A successful business model from farm to table.

  • Higher crop yields at a lower cost

  • Reduce carbon footprint - increase carbon credits

  • Removes manure handling and transport costs

03. global environment impact

  • Closes nutrient loop in Ag industry

  • Use less water

  • Reduction of hazardous methane gas

  • Significantly reduce nitrates and phosphates flow into our water


PrairieFood is the super food that feeds the soil...