I can’t believe the team we’ve put together.
It is absolutely stunning.
— Robert Herrington

Our Team

Principal Stockholders Co-Founders

Robert Herrington CEO PrairieFood

Robert herrington, CO-Founder and CEO

“I am the co-founder and CEO of PrairieFood. I'm a serial entrepreneur, and this is my eighth startup. My businesses in the past have been in the high tech area, primarily electronics and software. PrairieFood is technologically driven as well. It focuses more on agriculture and the way we recycle biomass.

The strategic vision of PrairieFood is based on underlying economic models. One of the things we're able to do with PrairieFood, for the first time in the history of the biomass industry, is bring economic viability to the process so that it's highly competitive with synthetic fuels and fertilizers. It will be very beneficial for farmers and ranchers to utilize PrairieFood instead of using products that cause damaging environmental issues, all while decreasing their costs and increasing their yields.”

Curtis Crawford Admin for Prairiefire

Curtis Crawford - Co-founder, operations and administration executive

“I have over 3 decades of experience in both large companies and startups. I’ve negotiated and performed strategic and financial analysis for numerous acquisitions and investments, and served in a Board or operating position with many of them. I also founded several new ventures within large companies.

I later led three startup companies, helping to raise several million in equity capital. After maneuvering through difficult strategic pivots in my previous startup, I ultimately guided the sale of the company to a strategic buyer.

When I co-founded PrairieFood, we began a focused effort on converting feedlot cattle manure into a clean agricultural soil enhancer that will improve soil health, leading to the production of healthier food. Of the many ventures I have been involved with, this one has the greatest potential to benefit the earth and its inhabitants.”

Griffin Roberts Specialst for PrairieFire

Dr. Griffin Roberts, co-founder and Specialist in biomass deconstruction

“I got my degree in Chemical Engineering and a second Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana; and did my graduate work at the University of Kansas where I got my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering.

My Ph.D. was focused on converting wet biomass into value-added products like crude oil; using hydrothermal processing, we can emulate what the Earth does in thousands of years and speed it up to hours and minutes. PrairieFood’s proprietary process speeds this up even more - to less than 1 second.

Cows gotta’ do their business, so where does that go? A lot of it piles up. It becomes a big pollutant with run-off into our waters and aquifers. And you've got the emissions of methane from the decomposing manure piles.

What PrairieFood does is take that waste product, and quickly turn it into something valuable that we can now spread back onto the fields. You have a complete nutrient loop for the whole agricultural supply chain.

The big mission of PrairieFood is to change the world, simply put. PrairieFood will revolutionize the farming industry, the feedlot industry, and bring sustainability to agriculture that the world hasn't seen before.”


The Reactor Pilot Test Team

We recently completed a SUCCESSFUL pilot test of our technology in Pratt, KS

Robert Herrington - Meet & Greet/The Fixer

Curtis Crawford - Financial Wizard

Dr. Griffin Roberts - The Mad Scientist

David Brenn – Wise Advisor

Jon Schroth - Sample Master

Gary Mason - Coordinator

Krister Johnson - Process Control Master

Scott Indermaur - Visual Storyteller

Lori Giuttari - Courageous Communicator

Greg Johnson - Conex Builder

Alan McGrevy - Reactorman

Joe Hitt - Jack of All Trades

Bob Dewitt - Keeper of the Hot Oil

Nathan Johnson - Manure Mixer

Vaughn Cossel - Control Specialist

Norm Strawder - Conex Operations

Drew Byers - Norm’s Plumber

Keith Hemphill - Manure Hauler

Justin Bailey - Diesel Hauler

Kenny Montgomery - Keeper of the Feedlot

Spenser Siroky -Mixer Builder

Jeff Slater - Electrician

Jeff Voss - Authority of the Airport

Board of Advisors

Dr. Thomas Binder - Recently retired Senior Vice President and Head of Research at Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM)

Rod Brenneman - Former CEO of both Butterball, the world’s largest turkey producer/processor, and Seaboard Foods, a top U.S. pork producer/processor

Michael Doane – Current Managing Director Agriculture & Food Systems, Global Lands Team for The Nature Conservancy

Gary Mason - Recent Deputy Secretary of Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Dr. Bala Subramaniam - Distinguished Prof. Dept. of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, University of Kansas


Most people dream, but few have the courage to act on those dreams and take the risk to make them come true. PrairieFood is the beginning of real dreams.
— David Brenn

Teamwork to Complete our Pilot Technology Test